Hello, stranger! These are the ToS for non-commercial commissions only. If you want to commission me for a commercial project, please contact me:

Instagram: @thesearching1
Twitter: @thesearchingtwo
deviantArt: the-searching-one

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Terms of Service

Last Update: October 4, 2020

The Process

I will announce any commission openings and the queue (if any) publicly (this can also be found at the end of this page).
If you do not have any references for your character(s) yet, that’s fine! I can work with written concepts as well. 


I will not work on NSFW projects or anything that displays political or religious beliefs (religions tied to fantasy story telling, such as healers, are fine though).


I accept PayPal only.

For commissions with a total price of over 50 EUR I will ask for a payment of 50% in advance (with the other half being due when the artwork is done). I will not send out the full size artwork until I received payment.

Both the artist and the client can cancel the commission anytime while it is in progress. If this happens, I will make a partial refund.


Art is not my full-time job. However, if you need your artwork by a certain date, please let me know so I can plan ahead for you. I will always update you on the process and on when I can finish the artwork.

The Final Piece

You will receive a full-size 300ppi JPG/PNG and TIFF without any watermarks as well as a PSD with merged layers. You are allowed to post this artwork anywhere you like or print it on any medium you like.

You are not allowed to make any profit off of this artwork (i.e. in form of merchandise). If you are interested in commissioning me for commercial work, please contact me!

Any questions?

If there is anything you would like to know that this page has not covered yet, feel free to contact me!

Ready to start?

Great! Simply send me an e-mail or a dm and we can start right now! ︎


Portraits / Busts / Waist-Ups

(mostly) Greyscale - starting at 30 EUR

Fully Coloured and Rendered - starting at 65 EUR


Starting at 80 EUR

Art Nouveau

Starting at 75 EUR


I am completely free at the momen!